Monday, June 30, 2014

Chicago Marathon training, week 3!

It seems so weird that I'm in week 4 now. I keep thinking "if I get past week x I'll be fine" I think week "x" might be week 6 (that's the first major week... it's written as having intervals and tempo run but since I am modifying it, there will be no intervals. Or, if there are, it will be like 3 miles tops). I'm keeping the weekly mileages logical for me, not for the training plan. If I need to switch to another type of training plan, I will likely do it around week 6.

Anyway, here's week 3 recap:

Tuesday's workout on wednesday: 3.78 miles. Ran around noon, which was probably dumb since I felt so beaten up by the sun when I was done.

Thursday: 4 miles. In my notes it says I felt like I was getting stronger. I'm going to trust thursday trish on this one.

Friday: I didn't run today. I slept. It was just one of those days where the best training was sleep.

Saturday: 4 miles. I felt really great on this one. I even bothered to run with my heart rate monitor...but I didn't wear the right bra with it so the strap was digging into my skin and I regret this now. The average HR was reasonable for me at this exertion level. good.

Sunday: 4+ miles on the trail (hard to tell cause garmin was confused!).
What I can tell you about this run is that 1. I'm glad I went to the trail because I needed to work some of the less used muscles in my legs and 2. I hate mosquitoes.
I'm probably going to die of west nile virus now. I turned back before my garmin said "2.5" miles because I was being attacked by a swarm of mosquitos.

oh, deer. 

There were three trees fallen on the trail over 2 miles. 

Afterwards, I stopped to get a mini blizzard. Smores. It was so worth it. Today, I am regretting not even thinking that I might need bug spray to go trail running. The last two years, I have not had a single problem on this trail with the biting bugs. But yesterday I acquired at least 25 bites (still finding new ones)...

As for the week ahead, it's going to be a mixture of 3 milers and 5 milers. I even registered for a 5K that's on friday. It's so close to where I live I have no excuse not to go. 

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