Thursday, June 19, 2014

Girls on the Run fundraising + Summer raffle!

I’m fundraising for Girls on the Run as part of their Solemates Chicago Marathon team!

Here’s my donations page where you can read about why I’m fundraising and how it benefits young girls in the Chicago area.

I wish that I had had something like Girls on The Run when I was a kid. They teach girls that, yes, you can do anything. It’s not just about running. We can say “Yes!” to a challenge!
Confidence, Empowerment, and some healthy activities is what this is all about. I wish every girl can have the opportunity I didn’t have when I was growing up— something to show them that they can learn to do anything they want, especially when it seems impossible!
If you would like to donate, I also have an incentive: For the summer raffle, my current prizes are hand-knit hat (your choice color!); hand-knit socks (your choice color!); hydration belt for long runs (the Jurek endure); fun mug with coffee; fun mug with tea. I’m still adding more fun prizes as I find them!

Donate $5 for one entry ! Summer raffle ends September 1st (Labor Day aka the End of Summer).

Also, if you donate, feel free to send me a message with your address if you’d like a thank-you gift from me. I really do like to show my appreciation.

I’ve got $400 saved so far to donate (half of my personal goal). I would love if y’all joined me in supporting this great organization!

If you can’t donate but still want to support this organization, there’s a free app called Charity Miles that will pair you with a sponsor to donate $0.25 to Girls on the Run (or another organization on their list) for every mile you run.

Thanks! & Many thanks to people who have already donated to my fundraiser. I appreciate it so much.

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