Wednesday, June 18, 2014

First "Official" week of Chicago marathon training & Vacation

Let me just preface this with: I can be a terrible runner while on vacation. So, the fact that I ran more than once is big deal!

I was supposed to do 10 miles and I did 5. Plus snorkeling.

Previous week:
Friday: Snorkeled! And canoed, too. My back was feeling the DOMS after that.

Green Sea turtle or "Honu" 

On Sunday, I ran 2 miles along the coast highway
yeah it was awesome

Mon: A lot of snorkeling! Saw turtles, many fish, etc. Won an impromptu trivia contest and I got a shirt with reef fish pictures all over it.

Tuesday (Jun 10): Traveled from one island to another, so my run was really late in the day. 2 miles, 25 ish minutes. I started running just before sunset only to find out that sunset was pretty much instant dark. The road I was running on was practically jungle on one side. It was very loud, too!

Wednesday (Jun 11): 3 miles 43:33. A sort of walk/run around the only roads in the neighborhood. I saw chickens, cats, dogs, and one mongoose.
Night: went to volcanoes National Park to view the glow from the lava lake. It was really eerie.
Nearly Full moon, too. 

Thursday: short hike in Volcanoes National Park
Night: Drove up to Mauna Kea visitor center to stargaze
It looks like day but it's just cause the moon is so bright

Friday: Spent a lot of time in the car today, since we drove to the other side of the island.
I did manage to find the only running shop on the Big Island, and I got this pretty snazzy shirt
See, it's really snazzy!

Saturday: Swam with dolphins. It was awesome. I saw baby dolphins-- also awesome.

Sunday: More travel.

Now I'm home again and my training should be more regular. On to week 2 of training!

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  1. Any physical activity will help you train for a marathon, it doesn't have to be running! Looks like you had a great time!