Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Chicago Marathon Training, Week 2

I missed one run this week. Freakishly large thunderstorm got in my way.
Other than that, I think I did pretty well for the second week.
I'm currently working with the Hanson's plan, since I like the way it builds up, but I'm definitely modifying it in the later stages. I made mistakes last year that I will not make again this year. They aren't necessarily related to the plan, but more related to the frequency + duration + intensity trifecta. I'm focusing on frequency and duration, and if I have, say, a half marathon one week, that week will be re-centered around intensity and duration (or frequency).  I am NOT putting all three in one week. I know my body. I know it's not prepared for that. I like the way the Hanson's plan has a lot of low-intensity runs that build up through the week. I can handle that. I can't put intensity in the same week, though.

Monday -- rest

Tuesday-- 2 miles; Ran at night to avoid the hot sun. I was in energy crisis mode all day (practically sleeping at work) until I finally got out of the house and went for a walk (also 2 miles). When I got back, I went for a run.

Wednesday-- rest

Thursday-- 2.6 miles (should be three but I made a wrong turn somewhere).

Friday-- 3 miles-- I felt okay until mile 2 where I could practically feel my energy levels jump to 0-empty-please-refuel-now. I bothered to take a few photos today, too.

Saturday-- I lounged around in the morning/afternoon thinking I'd just run in the evening... those plans were upset by massive thunderstorms and street flooding, so I just went to bed. 

Sunday-- I had intentions of running 4 miles in the morning and 3 in the evening. I got the 4 done. It was very sunny and the run was hard but not exhausting. Just as the last run of the week should be. I guess being excessively tired from leftover jet lag simulates the same tiredness that this plan wants. I didn't get the 3 miles done since my family came over for dinner (and I was not aware this was going to happen). 

I was just sort of tired and low on energy all week, it seems. I think I'm fixing my sleep deficit but it's really difficult most days. I have also lost my appetite for most of the food in the house, which means I need to go grocery shopping for something that won't turn my stomach sour. I'm definitely reducing my coffee to one little cup per day this week, too. On to week 3! 

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