Monday, April 28, 2014

Every Kid Needs a Superhero 5K Race Recap

There's actually not much to say about this race except that I participated.
It was at Carthage College in Kenosha, WI.
I don't know know my results since it was hand-timed, but I think it was around 38 minutes. I didn't stop my watch at the right time, oops.
I had fun... It was 45 degrees right next to the lake (with a lake "breeze", more like strong wind). The course was a spiral and ended on the track. I thought I was lost at one point, but I made it.
My really sporadic spring training has shown me that I'm an idiot and I keep having to take a few steps back for a few steps forward, so to speak. I have really really hated the weather this winter.
This week I plan to get back to my training plan, stick to it, and finish April strong. I have to get back to it for sake of chicago marathon training, after all. Of which I'm fundraising for and I refuse to screw up.  I'm fundraising for Girls on the Run, so it would really really help if I got back to running instead of staying inside and pretending I'll have time to run.
My mom caught this photo of me (I'm in the red shirt)...and the magical floating thumb of doom