Monday, March 24, 2014

Green Bay (half) marathon training & Girls on the Run

I have updates. I also need to remember to log on to blogger more often.

1. I changed the marathon entry to a half marathon entry because I hate going outside in the cold so I stopped going outside in the cold. That's really an interesting training tactic. Hah. In all truth, though, I didn't enjoy training, so I stopped. I'm really the kind of person who needs to enjoy what I'm doing to be able to see the benefits of it. I want to enjoy the run. 10 degrees does not that make, I'm afraid.

2. Spring is here, but we may not know it yet, since it's 20 degrees this morning.

3. I ran this past week, yay, but I also felt like I was starting from scratch again. Bad.

4. It's okay-- I didn't really sleep well so it was probably just that.

5. I'm registered for the Chicago Marathon!!!! Isn't that exciting?!??!?!?! How, you ask? I'm fundraising at the $1000 commitment level for Girls on the Run!!!!
I found I had my own experience to tie into fundraising for this charity, so I wanted to take the leap and commit:
When I was younger, no one ever told me that running was something I could learn to do. I was horrendous at it and I truly dreaded the one-mile run in elementary school and the 20 minute run in high school. These things were horrible because it was pretty much you either could run or you couldn't. I never got the impression that I could learn to run; I just thought I couldn't.
Later I found out that it was pretty easy to walk and then run longer and longer with just a bit of structured training.
Now, I wish that I had had something like Girls on The Run when I was a kid. They teach girls that, yes, you can do anything. It's not just about running. We can say "Yes!" to a challenge!
Confidence, Empowerment, and some healthy activities is what this is all about. I wish every girl can have the opportunity I didn't have when I was growing up-- something to show them that they can learn to do anything they want, especially when it seems impossible! 
There's a good chance that I'm going to have a raffle with hand-made knitwear that's running themed so if you want to help me fundraise to give girls a really great, empowering, experience, there's even more of an incentive!
A little about Girls on the Run: "Girls on the Run-Chicago is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to inspire girls to be healthy and confident. Using a fun, experience-based after-school curriculum which creatively integrates running, the innovative program combines training for a 5k event with interactive lessons that encourage positive emotional, social, mental and physical development".

Where do you donate? This link will take you there!

Thanks for reading :)