Sunday, February 2, 2014

Green Bay Marathon Training, Week 3

It's hard to balance running, colds, and cold weather!

My training today was mostly mental-- create a clean environment for a good workspace. I cleaned and reorganized my living quarters. It was pretty tiring...a full day of lifting boxes, squats, shuffling around... I'm happy it's mostly done.

2 whole treadmill miles.
Consequently, I am never running on a treadmill again. Perceived effort is way more than actual effort and it drives me crazy.
I made up my mind that if I'm driven inside by weather, and I don't want to go to the indoor track, then I will swim instead. I even bought a swim cap so now I am not hindered by that excuse.
Afterwards I stretched.

A rest day <3. So necessary when you're sick.
I climbed up and down the stairs for ten minutes to warm up my legs and then I stretched out my legs for ten minutes.

It's hard to believe that this week is almost over...
3 miles, outside! 28˚F feels like 19 and light snow.
My breathing cadence was really good, though I did have to remove my neck gaiter because I felt like I couldn't get enough oxygen in. That was unfortunate as it was windy. Thankfully it was almost warm so it didn't hurt my face too much.
I had to take a decongestant today so that I would stop sneezing every two minutes but it did the trick and I was able to get my run in!
I'm a magnificent mountain goat, just look at these paces.
Unscheduled rest day. whoops.

I trudged through 2 and a half miles of slushy/shifty snow.
That second mile makes it seem like I was trying to climb a mountain, not run a mile. Snow, you know? 

Blerg. That's how I felt about this run. 19˚F "feels like 10"! makes it really difficult for me to breathe. It reminded me of this one time during a rugby game where I sort of klonked my head on the ground and then tried to sprint to the other end of the pitch and my breath became very,very, short and jerky. I just couldn't get the air I needed. What worse is that it's cold enough that I want to cover my face but I can't because I feel like I can't breathe! I really have to figure out a new solution for that.
Also the streets were still full of shifty, slushy snow.
This is quickly becoming my least favorite of conditions. Cold rain may still be winning though. 

3.8 miles but the effort felt like 10 miles...
Not terrible but not enjoyable at all

Week 3: 11.29 miles. 
Let's hope I don't get sick again! 


  1. I've found that in temperatures below 20F, I need something to breathe through to warm the air or I cough uncontrollably when I get back inside. Here's one I really like, it has a few holes over the mouth area and under the nose so breathing isn't *as* difficult as a balaclava normally is:

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. I shall investigate!