Monday, January 27, 2014

Green Bay Marathon training: week 2... sort of

Monday: I finished last week's training with 4 miles on monday. Easy miles. Also, I think it was a bit of a victory for me that I didn't feel the need to take water with me. That's always been like training wheels for me. I think I drank two glasses when I got back inside the house, though. It makes me feel good that I have been confident enough with my hydration to not even think about bringing any with me.

Tuesday: I really only stretched today...

Wednesday, thursday: Easy workouts

Friday: Guess who woke up with a full-blown cold??? me!!! I still went to the Y to try and run a little bit and I got a mile done before I couldn't do it anymore. This cold just cut right to the point by making me over tired at everything.

Saturday: I did some light stretching after coming home from grocery shopping, which wore me out probably the same as 5 miles would do on a normal day. Yay colds!

Sunday: I felt a little bit better than on saturday. Kept the physical activity low since I was still feeling over-tired.

I will likely re-visit the planned mileage from week 2 for this coming week. As I write this, I feel a lot less stuffed up and I'm able to breathe relatively normally again. I love how quickly my immune system has flushed out this cold but I would have rather not had it at all. Here's to week 3: may it be filled with indoor training miles thanks to the polar vortex mark II...

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