Sunday, January 19, 2014

Green Bay Marathon training; week 1

I started off this week in a rather unassuming fashion. After having started the Whole Life Challenge last week, I decided to stick to my written plan, which included no running until thursday. This is where the training plan begins, you see.

Monday: I know it's silly, but I made walking at the grocery store my exercise for today. I take a long time when I grocery shop. The actual written plan today was 15 minutes of runner-useful stretching. That included: [1 min hip flexor stretch; 1 min hamstring stretch, 1 min prone leg swings; 1 min quad stretch; 1 min IT band stretch] x 3
For the record, this workout used to be in the Nike Training Club app as one of their bonus athlete workouts. This one is Kara Goucher's... so I call it "kara". I honestly hope they put it back on the app eventually, but I have it memorized. I have used another one of the workouts for the timer since it audibly calls out the 30 second mark so you can switch sides.

Tuesday: Easy (and getting easier! thank goodness for becoming stronger!) workout. Another Nike training club set of workouts. The first one was "Paula Radcliffe's Marathon Prep" (which I refer to in my planner as just "paula"... Really hard to crack my code, I know)
[1 min split squats, 1 min roll ups, 1 min kettle bell lunge to snatch, 1 min supermans with breaststroke, 1 min lunge with pulse front raises] x 3
I followed this with the Kara stretches.

Wednesday: Just the Kara stretches

Thursday: Day 1 of Green Bay Marathon Training!!! 3 mile run at easy pace (14:31 min/mi thanks to the cold air and snow!) It was very windy, and I suppose this sort of distracted me from concentrating on my cadence and breath. I used to be very good at just paying attention to my breath-- 3 steps inhale, 3 steps exhale-- but I have neglected that of late. It helps to cultivate a steady pace! It's sort of like swimming laps-- you're forced to go at a certain rhythm since you can't breathe underwater!

Friday: Paula and Kara workouts

Saturday: I spent most of the day in the car. The time not spent in the car was spent packing boxes so I could move. Hence, the driving. Packing is definitely a workout.

Sunday: I spent the morning unpacking ( I have so much further to go!). There's a lot of squats and lifting heavy things involved with unpacking.
I took my run in the evening, just as the sun was setting. It was relatively warm out (32˚F), though there was a cool breeze. I listened to music on a run for the first time in a few months!
3.05 miles, 12:44 min/mile moving pace. Followed by stretches.
Originally I had planned 3 miles for saturday and then 4 miles for sunday, but moving has shuffled my plans. Tomorrow will be the 4 miles to finish the first week of marathon training.

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