Thursday, October 3, 2013

"Will Run For Food" Trail Half Marathon Race Recap

September 28, 2013
"Will Run For Food" Trail half marathon
 (actually 13.3 according to the race director)
Mt Pleasant, MI

That was a well-fought run, especially for someone who sees a hill and cries.


  • Everyone said "good job" to me, and I assume they did for everyone else they passed. So friendly!
  • Walking up the hills (big fucking hill #1 and big fucking hill #2) felt like more work than running the straightaways.
  • The sandy hills were also quite annoying. 
  • It was a small race...Around 8 people in my age group, I think. 40 racers total. The only downside is that I pretty much ran the entire thing by myself, since I was much slower than everyone. Which isn't to say I ran slow. I ran my goal pace that was about the same as what would be an easy pace on the road. I think that it was about 2 min/mile under my easy trail pace. There was still a lot of walking involved.
  • I ate two clif shots and 3 oreos. That's less than I intended to eat but I didn't need the rest of the food.
  • Big fucking hill #2 was a pain... it was super steep and sandy, which makes for very hard goings. I had to do it 3 times. I didn't want to at all. 
  • At one point, near the end, I thought "Isn't it nice I haven't fallen at all?" and 2 seconds later I tripped and fell. 
  • And two miles later I crossed the finish line in laaaaast place.

I assume all the hard work pays off eventually, even though I am kind of lonely now. I'm sure it won't be the last time I ran fast by myself. I should get used to it, considering I signed up for an even longer trail race next year. It is funny that I don't mind being by myself when I train, but I just feel sort of pointless when I'm in last place running by myself.

It is a small race and there were really yummy cookies at the finish line... monster oatmeal cookies! and fresh apples! Instead of t-shirts, everyone got water bottles. I've been using mine since Saturday.

I finished in 2:56:26. Technically a personal record since it's my first trail half. I'll take it. 

There's a good chance I twisted my ankle without realizing it, since the next time I ran, I found the pain. I can't tell if it's going to hurt on my next run, but I'm RICE-ing as much as I can. I have a marathon in 24 days and I do intend to finish the damn thing. For that, I need to shuffle some of my training schedule around and be patient with the foot. Prayers for the dumb ankle are being said. Here's hoping.

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