Saturday, February 9, 2013

Training Log, Feb 4 - Feb 9

Ok that was loud :). I did some 1050 yards of various swim strokes/ drill at my stroke refinement class. This went really well in terms of endurance. I finished first in my class because I was the only one who didn't have to stop at the end of each length to catch my breath, except for at the end of the speed laps (times marked). My freestyle stroke/breathing is really improving. I felt most like I was really getting the hang of it in the 4-kick Beat drill. That's basically where you make sure you kick 4 times in one stroke. It had the right rhythm for me to 1. be distracted enough counting the kicks to keep my hand in front of me and 2. take a breath every 3 or 4 strokes. It turns out I'm a natural bilateral breather, so that's comfortable for me. An odd number of strokes for breathing means you're breathing on the same side, since you take the breath with the last stroke in the count, in this case, the 3rd stroke. Breathing every 4 strokes means you breathe bilaterally, because the side you breathe on will switch each breath.

Ran 2.78 miles very easy (37:00 min-- pace of 13:20 min/mi).
I'm trying to accomplish running even a little slower than that for my easy runs... I'm trying to use it as a time-on-feet active recovery thing. I'm shooting for a pace of 13:59-15:00 min/mi because this is what I have outlined. It's surprisingly difficult to overcome my brain telling me to "speed up or the people will judge you". It allows for active recovery when I start adding in harder workouts, also facilitating more fat burn because the lower heart rate (I was around 162 bpm, which is lower for me, but not really that low. I've noticed my HR zones are just higher than most guidelines anyway, though. Yay genetic variation.

Wednesday- rest

2.96 easy, snowy miles with 2 20-sec pickups (at mile pace)-- 38:18
I had no idea running while it snowing at night would be so much fun! It was my first time running in snow, using my headlamp. I wasn't going to run at first but then I did and IT WAS SO WORTH IT.
I can't get over how great that run was. I even wore the perfect ensemble of clothes that I was the perfect temperature. I didn't bring any water and I didn't need it. It was perfect.

Can you see me?
I live in Narnia

Friday- Rest

3 nice easy miles in a new pair of shoes and lovely snowfall all around me (40:18).

Sunday, tomorrow, I have a 5K. That's going to get its own post :)