Monday, February 18, 2013

Training Log Feb 11- 17


...Otherwise known as "I thought running sprints were difficult but this was much worse".
I made par on 5 through 9 (with fins for support)...I suppose I just had to warm up. 
One thing though-- my stroke form and breathing seemed to click much faster tonight than in weeks past. I think I am finally getting the hang of it. Next I think I'll progress to actually getting that flip-turn incorporated. Eventually I will also leave the fins behind. Not yet though. 
Pretty much how I felt after completing that workout.
A nice, crispy, easy, 3 miles at night (40:49)(I did say easy, pace was 13:40 min/mile). I watched my breath in the light of my headlamp the entire way.

Scheduled rest day.
Unscheduled rest day. I was very frustrated at my scheduling situation and I basically ended going home and crying out all my frustrations. I had eaten my afternoon snack such that I wouldn't be crazy hungry by the time I got home and could run, but I couldn't leave work until an hour later than planned. I tried really hard to let all the anger and frustration go(over this which was out of my control...I'm trying harder to just let stuff go, but it's so easy to get angry), but I ended up a mess curled up in bed anyway. I decided to move my run to friday since it was about 8:30pm by the time I "sobered" up.




I regret to have to say that I did nothing all weekend except try to hold myself together mentally.
I honestly don't know why it's been so rough this past week, but I'm not going to dwell on it.
I realize that getting out of bed and running would have been a good thing to do...but I woke up each day, had two minutes of quiet before the house was ablaze with noise, and then cried because I couldn't fathom why I can't just have quiet.
Anyway. It's a new week now, and I'm going to have tons of fun and run in multiple states this week!!!
I'm going to Louisiana on Thursday night to visit my friends from college. I really need it and I'm happy to be going.

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