Friday, February 15, 2013

Priorities-- Running, Studying, Rugby, and Work.

So, this is mostly not running related, but it is related to planning a training schedule.

I recently registed to take the MCAT (the big test for medical school admission) and I am treating the study time the same way I would treat a training plan for running. I am struggling to reconcile this study time with the time I've got to be at work, with the time that I have allotted to race training (even though I haven't committed to a race yet), and with rugby training.

I know this is all about priorities. I want to do the things that will make me happy AND I want to do the stuff that will allow me to be happy long-term (job and MCAT, even though both are not fun at all). My goal for Lent, which is a season to re-focus on important things, to strive to do things that, while they may not be "fun" or "easy", they will be better for you long-term. I've given up things (such as sweets) that get me instant, fleeting, satisfaction and I hope that I can strive to attain a stronger happiness over the next 6 weeks.

I am struggling with these priorities, though. I want to play rugby, and I want to go to practices twice a week, but hot damn does that take up a lot of time. I think what I will go to rugby as much as I can, whilst still keeping my race training schedule as "more" important (spring is not the really competitive season, so I don't feel like I'm skimping on my training as much as I would be if it were the fall season. That said, rugby is also where I get most of my that's a little rough). I have goals that I want to acheive that would be much more difficult to acheive come fall, and rugby happens spring and fall, spring and fall, so I'd always be able to come back to it. Even though there isn't a distinct time frame on these goals, I also know that if I put it off another year, it might be even more difficult to acheive...The longer I wait, the more extraneous commitments I will have accumulated...especially when I get into medical school.

Regardless, I am going to be very busy up until April 26, when my exam is. I know it's the top priority. I know it is. I also know I need to have running to stay mentally healthy.

I think that if I can change my home habits around (such as actually sleeping on time and waking up early) I can fit in the time I need to study easily. I could run in the morning before work, then do work, then come home, change clothes, and go to the library to study. On rugby days I could go to rugby practice (which I might reduce to 1 a week until after the exam). On weekends, I'll have to make more of my food in advance so I have enough for lunches and for study food. Additionally, just like how long runs are on the weekend because they take more time, practice tests are going to be on the weekend.

I'm going to be busy, but hopefully not overwhelmed.
It's an hectic time to be Trish...but if I work hard now, I can reap many rewards later.
[breathe][I promise I won't be able to overwork myself. I know my limits well.]


  1. I hope you weren't still thinking of the Green Bay Half, it filled up the other day.

    1. Nope, it turns out I'm going to be in St. Louis that weekend so I had to forgo any of the Green Bay races. I'll figure out my plans soon, I'm sure.