Sunday, February 10, 2013

North Shore Cupid's Love Dash 5K Race Recap

I made a personal record! Yay me!
It's a 3.42% improvement over my last 5K-- that's pretty good I think (it's a 5.2% improvement since my first one. I'm regaining some of the fitness I lost last year. Yay).

5K in 32:20.2 

I warmed up a bit before the start, just by running around a few blocks.
The course was icy and hilly. The ice was probably due to the rain coming down. It was really difficult especially when crossing the small bridge. I think I just shuffled my feet over that.
I passed a lot of people in the first mile and that made me feel really good... I checked my pace to make sure I wasn't going too fast to sustain but I asked myself "can you keep this up?" and the answer was yes. I finished the first mile around 10:00 minutes and I was ecstatic! Then I managed to keep the pace a little slower than that for the last two miles, but as I said, it was hilly and icy.
I really don't have much to say about the course except that it was hillier than I would have expected for this part of Illinois (Highland Park; I should have known). I also should have worn my trail shoes since there was plenty of ice and snow still on the roads.

I finished with an overall pace of 10:29 min/mile.
For someone who used to do infinite min/ mile, that's great. Just amazing. I amaze myself.

Also there was no water so I am glad that, even though I felt silly carrying it since no one else carries one, I had my water bottle. It's like a security blanket for me.
They gave me a medal (it has glitter) so I gave it to my cat:

The best thing I got was this bumper sticker, though:

I am a fan of puns

And one thing I really loved about their organization was that when I picked up my bib and shirt, the lady giving it to me asked if I wanted to try it on, just in case, and she gave me two other shirts to try on in case the first on didn't fit. I didn't like the long sleeve black shirt that I was supposed to go away with, so I took the short sleeve grey one that was an alternate. I'm really happy with the fit and I needed another short sleeve wicking tee.


Anyway... Sort of a simple shirt, but I'm probably going to wear it a lot, since it fits so nice.