Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I registered for an Impromteau 5K (that is coincidentally Valentine's Day themed)

Before I start training for anything new this year (whatever that really ends up being; I haven't registered for anything yet) I wanted to get a baseline of my fitness in 2013. I don't think my recent half marathon was the best gauge of that because I did have to walk so much of it. So, instead, I started looking for a 5K in the next month.
There are approximately two in the area... So I registered for the one that was closer to me. I was extremely reluctant for two reasons: I don't really like 5Ks & since it's this weekend, the price was ridiculous (because of those doggone price hikes). I paid only 8 dollars less than I did for the F^3 half marathon (which I had a discount for). All I can say is that I hope the shirt fits and is made of gold or something. I don't necessarily register for races based on their swag, but if I'm paying this much it really ought to have a good shirt.
The 5K fits in quite nicely with this weekend's running plan and for my spring training plan in general. I read a few places that the race hasn't been exactly 5 kilometers in the past, but I'm hoping that's just people whining about the discrepancy between their Garmins and the race course. If it ends up being really different, I suppose I'll just use the time my GPS watch says I ran 5K in, but I am suspecting it won't be an issue.
There is also a promise of chocolate since the race is Valentine's day themed. I also had to pick my availability status (paired off/looking for "luv"/ "lone solo": single and happy. It was confusing since the first two are both meant to be used as two people running together, so you have to run it with your partner or wing-person. I chose "lone solo" cause that's how I roll (though it would be nice not to be alone, I'm terrible at finding relationships, haha)

I know, you're just gagging with the cheese this race exudes...

I am hoping I can run faster than my 5K from last fall... I don't think it will be too difficult to since I basically ran that without having done anything but rugby for 2 months.

Remind me never to sign up for a race this close to race day again...Honestly price hikes are just wicked!

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