Friday, February 1, 2013

I have race schedule for the year. Finally!

It took forever for me to decide, and it's not set in stone yet, seeing as I only have registration for one of the races.

April 13-- Muddy Monk Double Down trail 10K/20K, Somme Woods, Northbrook, IL
May 4-- Possibly going to Michigan to run a half marathon with my bestie.
June-- Mystery race TBA ( I don't want to jinx it )
July 13-- Dances with Dirt (I haven't decided which distance I want to do), Devil's Lake, Baraboo, WI (one of my favorite places)
Sept 2-- Oakbrook Half Marathon on my birthday!!!
Oct 26-- Marine Corps Marathon, Washington DC, provided that rugby national playoffs and it don't interfere, otherwise I have a tough decision to make. I already deferred from last year (this is the one I have the registration for).

I've been having trouble finding a race I really would love to do this spring/ early summer, so I am very happy that I found [mystery race]. I don't really want to say what it is before I register for it, just in case I end up finding out that my knee wants to fall off and I can't go through with training. I suspect I have about a month before it fills up.

I would also love to find a 10K for February that doesn't cost forty-five dollars or more. I just want to test my 10K fitness against last year's 10K. That's all. I suppose there just aren't that many cold-weather races. Is there a way I can "replicate" race conditions to test my fitness? I'm not sure.

I'm pretty darn excited by the races that I've chosen.

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