Friday, February 1, 2013

F^3 Lake Half Marathon Race Photos

Also known as: "how to take weird photos because your face does weird things".
I will start with the weirdest...
My eyes are closed. I am not surprised. Source

And the slightly less weird...
I don't normally smile with my mouth closed. It's weird that I did here. Source
And now the fairly decent!
I am so poofed up because I am wearing four layers. Source
There were some other really cool photos, not of me, that really make me want to be a faster runner. The photographers kept moving spots and I didn't see more than one on the course because I was much much much slower than the amount of time the photographers stayed. Which is a bummer, because there were some really cool photos.
That's the weirdest motivation that I've had yet to get faster. 
I suppose it makes sense. I'm a photographer. I liked the lighting. I was too slow to have the cool lighting.

Race recap is here

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