Saturday, December 1, 2012

Schiller Chiller 10K

I feel like it's been forever since I properly ran, but that's not really the case. Especially considering a couple of my teammates ran the 10K without having run in a few weeks. They were still faster than me. Someday, y'all. Someday.
I had a great time though. This was my first ever trail race! I am fairly certain that the course was short a mile, but whatever. Still fun. It's not like it was a fully sanctioned race anyway.
This is the race as seen by my GPS watch
Before the race, I had free hot chocolate. Which is good, because it's not like there was any booze to put in it afterwards like was supposed to happen (they ran out!)(I'm actually not too upset because I didn't feel like drinking any alcohol anyway). They also had free chili for those who are omnivores, and free peanut butter pretzels. There might have been cookies but I, sadly, did not get any.

Miles 1-2.5 I may have been running a bit too fast for the distance. That always seems to happen at the beginnings for me. I slowed down a little bit after that. I also ate a gu because it was about 3 hours since I ate breakfast. I have to be on top of this whole fueling thing, right?
The trail wound around and around and around

Somewhere around mile 2 or 3 I got to jump some logs. I saw people going around (even though the flags clearly went over the logs) and I was all "MIGHT AS WELL! *Leap*!". One of the guys running about my pace saw me do this and I actually said "might as well" (sidenote: can that be a life philosophy? like, 10k or half marathon? Might as well do the half!). We chatted for about a mile but he sped up a bit or I slowed down, I don't know. I keep thinking of him as Aaron, but we didn't introduce ourselves so that is a completely made-up name.
I didn't take this photo, Muddy Monk had photographers on the course. Race photos! for free :) This is a different log than which I speak of in the paragraph. But it was a fun log. 

I took a silly picture of myself while running, too (not my best, but I like it, so hey)(so attractive! swoon!).
herp derp herp derp

My GPS watch and the mile markers were severely not the same. As in, my watch beeped 4 miles when the closest sign said 5 miles. I had no idea when the end of the race was going to be!
I finished in about 1:02:00, which makes me slightly more convinced that it was not full distance, because I should have finished slower than my spring road-10k. Similar, but I go slower on trails, so the finish time should have been slower. I really don't know and I wish I did.
My teammates all finished before I did (all the 10K people were faster than me and the 5k people finished before because they only had half the distance) and they were cheering me on! I got finisher-mug. Which I promptly filled with pretzels.

Here is our team photo; I am the one in the obnoxiously bright yellow shirt. We all wore rugby gear. Part camaraderie, part advertising. It sort of worked to, because I talked with some ladies and they asked me if I was part of that big rugby group and I got to explain to them who were were! Chicago Women's Rugby Football Club, aka, CWRFC.
Of course I'm in bright yellow :) 

All in all, successful Saturday. Oh and did I mention that the weather was cooperative too? It was in the 40s!
The shirt! and my face again!
[I originally published this race recap on my tumblr on Dec 1, 2012]