Saturday, April 14, 2012

Reily Center "Biathlon" (actually aquathlon)

I woke up around 6 and couldn't figure out what I wanted for breakfast, so I had peanut butter on graham crackers! yum!
I registered (for free) at around 6:45 and I was number 5. Ok, cool, I got this! And then a whole lot of student athletes showed up!
We started the race at 7:30, and I predicted that "red shorts" was going to be the fastest guy. Mainly because his legs were so...runnerly. lalalala I oogled. I gawked. I don't care.
I ran a pretty quick (for me) three miles, but I'm attributing to it being a track.
And then to the pool! 16 lengths x 50 meters. They arranged this by telling us to swim up and down each lane for 8 lanes. I chose to do backstroke because it's pretty much the only stroke I can maintain. I passed my friend, and then I passed one other swimmer. I managed to finish swimming right before the swim-team-swimmers caught up with me! They walked their track miles, and then they were beasts in the pool, as to be expected.
I finished it all in about 50 minutes. And then I got a t-shirt. White! all the races I do give me white shirts! I finished the running in 31:30.

Myself and my friend attacked the aquathlon together.
[I originally published this on my tumblr on April 14, 2012]

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