Sunday, April 8, 2012

Crescent City Classic 10K 2012

Flat Trish is ready to go

1:07:46 chip ; 1:16:09 gun.
10:56/ mile.
I'm very happy with my performance.
Woke up early, ate, got a ride to the race start. Used the bathrooms twice before the start. I had jelly bellies for a bit of pre race fuel. I also brought jelly bellys for my friends who were running their first 5K/10K (they ran the 5K and then run/walked the rest)!
My friends on either side of me, they ran their first 5K today.
Miles 1-4 were pretty speedy, under 11 minutes each, which was more than I was hoping for. I went out pretty quickly and had to slow down (dodging people is tiring) and by mile 3 I was a little pissed off at the amount of sunlight and heat. I do feel that the race should have started earlier, it was already quite hot by 8:30.
I got over that by mile 3.5 where we turned on to a shady stretch. Esplanade, in fact, in case anyone remembers it from the Nola RnR. I think I also had a gu at this point.
I slowed down in the last two miles, but I think that's because I was walking through the water stations longer than I should have.
My watch was registering 4.5 miles by the time I could see the art museum, so I was a little confused as to where the course was going, since the end was in the same spot as the Nola RnR. This part is annoying feature of this race course. You can see the art museum, then you run away from it! Towards the edge of city park, then you run a ways, come back up through city park (Marathoners, there was a tiny hill/bridge thing somewhere in mile 25, and we ran over that) and then we came back around the art museum to the finish.
It was very sunny.
But! My friend Gill was at the turn by the art museum cheering everybody on! I was so happy so I gave her a sweaty hug.
I finished strong.

I was not too happy with the race organization-- More after the break.
[Originally published on my tumblr, April 8, 2012]

What's the point of having color coded numbers if no one heeds their meaning? Some colors were allowed in the "elite area" which is fine (but I don't understand why three colors, instead of just one which would be considered elite).
However, there was no rhyme or reason to the start "corrals"-- walkers were mixed with runners, there was no true delineation of color codes, etc. AND THERE WAS NO WATER at the start. I mean, really, is that too much to ask? Water? I had to hunt down a water fountain in the french market.
I didn't get past the starting line for 9 minutes, and I had to dodge so many walkers at the start! I feel that there should have been a lot of reinforcement of the walkers two-abreast courtesy/"rule" and to move to one side, because they were spanning the entire width of the road and it was hard for me to squeeze by. :( I know I don't run too fast, but I do run the entire way. I'm setting a PR for myself and I want it to be the fastest my performance could be! Dodging people makes that difficult.
Not that I care too much about this except to adjust my starting placement in future races, but had I been nearer to the front of the pack, I would have finished 1116 places ahead of where I did (I assume I would have had to dodge less people as well). That's just poor race organization.
Also, why is the shirt white cotton? That holds the most sweat stains ever. I'm thinking that I'm just not going to wear it and add it to the tshirt quilt tshirts.
Additionally, there was a post race party thing with food (included in the price of registration). There were not any vegetarian options (except fruit and chips). I don't even.

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