Monday, June 30, 2014

Chicago Marathon training, week 3!

It seems so weird that I'm in week 4 now. I keep thinking "if I get past week x I'll be fine" I think week "x" might be week 6 (that's the first major week... it's written as having intervals and tempo run but since I am modifying it, there will be no intervals. Or, if there are, it will be like 3 miles tops). I'm keeping the weekly mileages logical for me, not for the training plan. If I need to switch to another type of training plan, I will likely do it around week 6.

Anyway, here's week 3 recap:

Tuesday's workout on wednesday: 3.78 miles. Ran around noon, which was probably dumb since I felt so beaten up by the sun when I was done.

Thursday: 4 miles. In my notes it says I felt like I was getting stronger. I'm going to trust thursday trish on this one.

Friday: I didn't run today. I slept. It was just one of those days where the best training was sleep.

Saturday: 4 miles. I felt really great on this one. I even bothered to run with my heart rate monitor...but I didn't wear the right bra with it so the strap was digging into my skin and I regret this now. The average HR was reasonable for me at this exertion level. good.

Sunday: 4+ miles on the trail (hard to tell cause garmin was confused!).
What I can tell you about this run is that 1. I'm glad I went to the trail because I needed to work some of the less used muscles in my legs and 2. I hate mosquitoes.
I'm probably going to die of west nile virus now. I turned back before my garmin said "2.5" miles because I was being attacked by a swarm of mosquitos.

oh, deer. 

There were three trees fallen on the trail over 2 miles. 

Afterwards, I stopped to get a mini blizzard. Smores. It was so worth it. Today, I am regretting not even thinking that I might need bug spray to go trail running. The last two years, I have not had a single problem on this trail with the biting bugs. But yesterday I acquired at least 25 bites (still finding new ones)...

As for the week ahead, it's going to be a mixture of 3 milers and 5 milers. I even registered for a 5K that's on friday. It's so close to where I live I have no excuse not to go. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Chicago Marathon Training, Week 2

I missed one run this week. Freakishly large thunderstorm got in my way.
Other than that, I think I did pretty well for the second week.
I'm currently working with the Hanson's plan, since I like the way it builds up, but I'm definitely modifying it in the later stages. I made mistakes last year that I will not make again this year. They aren't necessarily related to the plan, but more related to the frequency + duration + intensity trifecta. I'm focusing on frequency and duration, and if I have, say, a half marathon one week, that week will be re-centered around intensity and duration (or frequency).  I am NOT putting all three in one week. I know my body. I know it's not prepared for that. I like the way the Hanson's plan has a lot of low-intensity runs that build up through the week. I can handle that. I can't put intensity in the same week, though.

Monday -- rest

Tuesday-- 2 miles; Ran at night to avoid the hot sun. I was in energy crisis mode all day (practically sleeping at work) until I finally got out of the house and went for a walk (also 2 miles). When I got back, I went for a run.

Wednesday-- rest

Thursday-- 2.6 miles (should be three but I made a wrong turn somewhere).

Friday-- 3 miles-- I felt okay until mile 2 where I could practically feel my energy levels jump to 0-empty-please-refuel-now. I bothered to take a few photos today, too.

Saturday-- I lounged around in the morning/afternoon thinking I'd just run in the evening... those plans were upset by massive thunderstorms and street flooding, so I just went to bed. 

Sunday-- I had intentions of running 4 miles in the morning and 3 in the evening. I got the 4 done. It was very sunny and the run was hard but not exhausting. Just as the last run of the week should be. I guess being excessively tired from leftover jet lag simulates the same tiredness that this plan wants. I didn't get the 3 miles done since my family came over for dinner (and I was not aware this was going to happen). 

I was just sort of tired and low on energy all week, it seems. I think I'm fixing my sleep deficit but it's really difficult most days. I have also lost my appetite for most of the food in the house, which means I need to go grocery shopping for something that won't turn my stomach sour. I'm definitely reducing my coffee to one little cup per day this week, too. On to week 3! 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Girls on the Run fundraising + Summer raffle!

I’m fundraising for Girls on the Run as part of their Solemates Chicago Marathon team!

Here’s my donations page where you can read about why I’m fundraising and how it benefits young girls in the Chicago area.

I wish that I had had something like Girls on The Run when I was a kid. They teach girls that, yes, you can do anything. It’s not just about running. We can say “Yes!” to a challenge!
Confidence, Empowerment, and some healthy activities is what this is all about. I wish every girl can have the opportunity I didn’t have when I was growing up— something to show them that they can learn to do anything they want, especially when it seems impossible!
If you would like to donate, I also have an incentive: For the summer raffle, my current prizes are hand-knit hat (your choice color!); hand-knit socks (your choice color!); hydration belt for long runs (the Jurek endure); fun mug with coffee; fun mug with tea. I’m still adding more fun prizes as I find them!

Donate $5 for one entry ! Summer raffle ends September 1st (Labor Day aka the End of Summer).

Also, if you donate, feel free to send me a message with your address if you’d like a thank-you gift from me. I really do like to show my appreciation.

I’ve got $400 saved so far to donate (half of my personal goal). I would love if y’all joined me in supporting this great organization!

If you can’t donate but still want to support this organization, there’s a free app called Charity Miles that will pair you with a sponsor to donate $0.25 to Girls on the Run (or another organization on their list) for every mile you run.

Thanks! & Many thanks to people who have already donated to my fundraiser. I appreciate it so much.